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Disability Demonstrations and Campaigns

Demonstration by disabled people and carers outside ATOS offices, London 19th February 2014 - Photographs by Christopher John Ball DPAC Art Show held at Tottenham Chances, London 31st August 2013 Photographs by Christopher John Ball
DPAC demonstration outside Department for Education, London. 4th September 2013 Photographs by Christopher John Ball
DPAC demonstration outside Department for Work and Pensions, London. 4th September 2013 Photographs by Christopher John Ball DPAC Save the Independent Living Fund – Westminster Abbey Demo June 28th 2014 Photographs by Christopher John Ball
How DPAC celebrated Independent Living Day with an 'Independent Living Tea Party' 4th July 2014 Photographs by Christopher John Ball DPAC demonstration and road block, London 4th July 2014 Photographs by Christopher John Ball
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"I rebel — therefore we exist." - Albert Camus

During its five years in office the Liberal Democrat/Conservative Coalition lied to the people, aided by a right wing media, about disabled individuals such as myself. The Coalition placed scapegoating at the heart of its social and economic policy. It is what fueled it, all part of its much trumpeted long term economic plan. And, despite their desperate attempts to spin it to us otherwise, the 'Coalition Agreement', under which the Liberal Democrats and Conservative Party impose their austerity upon us, had no mandate from the electorate.

You may be OK with being lied to but I am not happy about being lied about; in fact, I am not sure I can survive it. I very nearly lost someone very close to me, who lives with hidden disabilities and for whom I am primary carer, to Coalition policy in 2013. People are being driven to take their own lives due to the impact of austerity measures that serve only to bail out those who caused the financial problems. You will find a list of those who have paid the ultimate price due to this pernicious Coalition Governments Austerity policy here you think it a price worth paying?

Even though we are bearing the brunt of the cuts we have been patient, attempted to debate reasonably with an unreasonable Government, tried the legal process of the courts, forced debate in the House of Commons, Petitioned and yet all the lamentable Minister Iain Duncan Smith does is either ignore us, retrospectively changes laws when he loses, or resorts to lying about us.

This is why, after patiently going through the aforementioned processes, we are finding ourselves forced to undertake more direct action. The photographs above are a record of that action. I am proud to be a member of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and I take part in these actions under that banner.

I have been critical of many a Government before but the Coalition was the first Government that I have actually been scared of....

...and now we have the horror of a Conservative victory in the 2015 General Election. They plan to cut even further despite knowing of the pernicious impact of such a policy, so the fight goes on.

We have seen such attempts to label Disabled people as burdens upon society before...

‘Has it really come to this, in the United Kingdom of all places?’

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